We are Cristiane and Eliza, two Brazilians physical therapists that came to meet each other in Japan, in November 2006. Cristiane is a specialist in Respiratory Physical Therapy in Brazil and came to Japan 4 years ago. She is now a Visiting Researcher at Niigata University, where she earned her Ph.D. degree in Biological Functions and Medical Control. Eliza is also a physical therapist in Brazil and came to Japan 2 years ago to conclude a Research Program on Biomechanics at the University of Tokyo.

Both of us, after a long period in Japan as researchers, were not able to have direct contact with patients, as we are not licensed PTs here. As a result, we were very eager to practice, and Manual Therapy International helped us to feel closer again to the rehabilitation field during the practice sections, and we are really grateful for that.

Physical Therapy in Brazil is expanding very fast. Today we have many universities throughout the country that graduate many students every year, making the competition very high. In order to differentiate ourselves after graduation it is necessary to become expert in areas such as osteopathy, acupuncture, respiratory physical therapy or neurological physical therapy. It is nice to see that the research field in physical therapy is also growing fast, and that's the reason why we came one day to study in Japan.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have found MTI through Internet and to receive all their support. We had the opportunity to attend not only one, but two MTI workshops: "Janda Approach to Musculoskeletal Pain Syndromes" by Dr. Clare Frank and "Balance and Vestibular Rehabilitation" by Mrs. Rosaline Felipe. Both workshops provided us with very important and latest knowledge in Rehabilitation. The lectures were amazing, based on rich studies and experience, with clear explanations, good materials and lots of techniques' demonstrations, practice and discussion. Thanks to MTI we could earn skills to help to improve the way we treat patients.

Thank you to those who immensely help directly and indirectly this organization to bring knowledge to PTs in Japan and to open opportunities to other Asian countries as all. We would like to thank very much all the staff, especially Dr. Ogura, who organizes the workshops and opens opportunities for foreign PTs like us to participate, and who actually helped us full time. Also, thanks to Mr. Tagami and all his team, for all their effort that makes such an event possible in Japan.

MTI workshops were surely experiences we will never forget. Hopefully other PTs will also benefit from the coming workshops, for all of us to become better professionals!


Cristiane and Eliza.



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