Spring...a season of hope, new beginning, and growth. It is a season, which brings forth beauty, happiness and togetherness. That is what, Manual Therapy International is, to us. MTIT is an organization that gives hope, and helps professionals by providing opportunities in learning the latest advancement, researches, studies, and techniques in the Rehabilitation field. Such knowledge can help rehab professionals to further enhance the way they manage and give care to the patient.

We are Physical Therapists from the Philippines. The current situation of PT in our country is in a sad state. There is little opportunity for continuing education, post-graduate studies and employment. It is sad because there are many very good and competent physical therapists, who end up working in a field far different from their profession due to practical reason and most importantly, because they cannot see any professional growth working as PT here.

Professional growth is a vital factor in one's career or profession. That is why, when we receive an invitation from MTIT to participate in their workshops, we were very thankful and honored for this great opportunity.

We arrived in Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun, last March 18, 2004. We were amazed by the beauty of the country...It's cleanliness, weather, friendly and hospitable people. According to other Japanese participants, we were lucky because we arrived there just in time for Spring season, which according to them, is the most beautiful season of all.

All the workshops that we attended were very interesting, excellent, informative and relevant to the practice of rehabilitation. The lecturers were quite good. Aside from that, the workshops provided laboratory period, where all the participants could practice and assimilate the techniques that was discussed and demonstrated during the lectures. The instructors/lecturers would also see to it that every participant would be able to execute the techniques properly by going to each group/partner and gave them one-on-one instructions. Rarely can one find such workshops where the participants could practice right there and then the techniques presented and be guided by the instructors.

Also, another thing that we observed which would be beneficial if physical therapists in the Philippines would adopt such attitude is the Japanese's love for research.

We are very grateful to Manual Therapy International Tokyo for inviting us to be a part of these workshops. Aside from the lectures that we attended we were also given the chance to tour the rehab department of Osaka Industrial Hospital. Our heartfelt thanks to the following: all the staff of MTIT; Ms. Hideko Ogura, a very wonderful and amazing person, who had helped us all the way, and made our stay pleasant from the day that we arrived up to the day we departed Japan; Mr. Katsuki Ego, a very kind and helpful person; the sponsors, who made our participation possible in Japan; Mr. Mitsuo Tagami & family, who accommodated us in their home and became like our second family in Osaka; Ms. Rosaline Felipe, for all the help, guidance and kindness; all the lecturers, rehabilitation staff of Osaka Industrial Hospital, officers and staff of the PT department in Kobe University, Mr. Nurul & Sharmin Arefin, all workshop participants, and lastly, Ms. Suzy and Minoru Aoyama, a! nd Mr. Tetsuo Yumoto for your help and support during our stay in Tokyo.

We are very lucky to have such a great experience in Japan. We will forever cherish all the memories and most of all, the people who became our friends. We will also share the experience and knowledge that we gained to our fellow physical therapists and students here in the Philippines. Again, thank you MTIT for giving a "spring season" to our profession. "Mabuhay kayong lahat!"

Leo & Christine Remoquillo



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