In Bangladesh the subject "Physical Therapy" is just evolving. We, a few numbers of young Physical Therapists are actually striving to establish and uplift the very profession in our country. In order to flourish this new subject our background must be competent, standard and strong one. Besides we ought to prove our standard and feasibility among the other health professionals with the commitment to serve my peoples.

After completion of my four years graduation under the University of Dhaka, I stepped to the door of professional life bearing the thought inside that I did not become a physical therapist rather than becoming eligible to be a physical therapist. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity of post graduation on Physical Therapy in my country still now.

At present I am leading the Physical therapy department of State College of Health Sciences which offers BS program. We have future goal to expand the courses to MS and PhD levels.

In these circumstances, I heartily feel the need to move outside the country and to enrich and upgrade my "educational and practical" proficiency. After knocking several doors, "Manual Therapy International Tokyo", the non-profit organization of Japan extended the helping hand to me by inviting for workshops held in Japan. And I was introduced to a new horizon of knowledge and skill.

I arrived 1st time in Japan, the country of sunrise and peace on the 21st morning of March 2003. I traveled about 5 cities within 7 days. The country is so beautiful, neat and elegant. I was more impressed by the people of Japan. They are very friendly, polite and generous. Japanese hospitality should be ideal for the whole world, I think. I got back to Bangladesh on 28th March 2003. Everything was so amazing that I felt that I was just roaming in my dream. After that, with the help of MTITokyo and Japanese Physical Therapy Association (JPTA) I visited Japan couple of times more.

Now here I would like to focus on the professional point of view. First of all, the workshops of MTITokyo on the manual therapy along with the clinical demonstrations were very rich and practical oriented. We were lucky to have magnificent instructors from USA. All the participants were also very keen and enthusiastic throughout the sessions. The knowledge I gathered from those trainings is proving very fruitful in my teaching and clinical practices after returning to my working place.

Secondly I would like to mention about the hospital visits in Japan. Hideko Ogura, the helmswoman of MTI Tokyo was so kind to arrange for me to visit several hospitals and CBR clinic. I became acquainted with the healthcare system of Japan. The hospitals along with the physical therapy departments are so well organized and well equipped. I took valuable lessons from the physical therapists working there about their patient handling and approach.

I was so lucky to have such excellent chances. It would not be possible if I were not honored by the invitation and sponsorship from Japan side. As a new generation pioneer physical therapist of a developing country my achievement from the Japan tours is more than enough.

My heart fills with respect and gratitude for Madam Hideko Ogura and her organization MTI Tokyo and also for the supporting sponsors.

I will never forget the experience in Japan and would like to go there again and again.



Head Department of Physiotherapy
State College of Health Sciences
E-mail: physiobangla3@yahoo.com



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